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   SHIP Services

Shore Home Investment Properties, Inc. offers a wide variety of house watching, property management and convenience services. Our rates start at as little as $25 per month to $400 per month.

Choose from the following list of services to create a custom plan to suit your specific needs. We will adjust the rate accordingly.

Annual meeting with homeowner to determine current maintenance condition, recommendations for maintenance provided in written report.

Regularly scheduled property inspections. Choose from once per day to once per month. Additional inspections available to report progress of new construction or renovations.

Seasonal arrangement of outdoor furniture and coordinate various yard/lawn services.

Coordinate seasonal plumbing needs, e.g. turning on/off outdoor showers and spinkler systems.

Coordinate general house cleaning, seasonal carpet, upholstery and drapery cleaning and protection as well as window cleaning.

Coordinate and meet service people, vendors and delivery people at the home as needed.

Coordinate annual pest control inspections and seasonal treatments.

Storm Management Plan, chack property during and after each storm with wind gusts over 75 MPH, rain or snow excess of 2 inches, temperatures in excess of 95 degrees or below 20 degrees.

Arrange for Spring/Fall HVAC check and service.

Coordinate with pool maintenance people as to opening/closing of pool.

Ensure trash and recyclables removal after owner use.

Water inside and outside potted plants, if necessary.

Availability for the preparation of property in the event of hurricane or severe weather forecast.

24-hour on call availability for alarm signals such as burglary, fire or heat loss.

Turn on lights, adjust heat/ac, put out flags, etc. to welcome owner and/or guests.

Check and replace expired light bulbs indoors and outdoors.

Deliver/collect articles from/to laundry/dry cleaners at home owner's expense.

Arrange for beverage shopping from local store if owner has account or charge privileges. Purchase items for home as needed at local hardware store if owner has local account or charge privileges.

Pickup and deliver shore cars to local airports for owner or guests. Auto leasing at customer's expense

Arrange golf tee times at customer's golf club.


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